The mission for this project was to reconsider how we design assistive products within the kitchen setting. Many disabled individuals feel left out and ignored with products that look and feel utilitarian. We realized how mentally debilitating it is to not be independent for ADL’s (activities of daily living). The first principle for assistive tools is to keep independence. But most are expected to deal products that remind them of the hospital or in extreme cases death. 
Some are told they “Are only meant to help you”. This attitude was challenged during the project, and we delivered a result showcasing what can be done to help support people with hand and muscular motor disorders. Being either temporary or chronic. We believe regardless of how long a condition might last you deserve a fair, helpful and enjoyable experience.
We explored a wide range of ideas from our understanding to users who create products to help them-self. This started with an attempt to resolve one main issue with contemporary assistive cutting boards. That is, a ‘nail’ like spike to hold food for cutting. This was universally disliked from all users due to the unsafe and hard to clean mechanism. Our solution was a reduced part count and inspiration from compliant mechanisms. Bendable joints deliver easy cleaning and safe holding for foods with intuitive results.

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